Founded in 2010, EngComfort was created to meet a need: Make that fix no one else wants to do. But then we realize that we can also do those services that everyone wants to do. And we're good at it!

We work in the Husband Rent System, that is, by hiring our workforce you can use it in any repairs that are more convenient, such as electrician, plumber, tile, wood, painting and assembler services in the same visit, without need budget. For more complex services can be carried out budget with sending pictures and details.

We serve People and Companies we issue invoice.

Browse our website and learn more about our services. Call or send a message and schedule your repairs!

Residential repairs operates in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The demand has become increasingly professional or business structure to offer reliable solutions, responding for the lasting effectiveness of residential services offered, among others, are:


- Masonry: small services of construction, demolition or renovation of structures, walls, laying of floors and tiles, plaster, wood, services in general;

- Wall: installation and renovation of plasters and moldings and installation and renovation of drywall walls;

- Hydraulics: elimination of gutters and leaks in general; cleaning of water tank, drainage of pipes and gutters, hydraulic repairs on valves, taps, siphons and coupled boxes; installation of toilet, hygienic shower and kitchen filter;

- Gardening: garden maintenance, landscaping, pruning of trees and lawns, cleaning of grounds, fertilization, irrigation and planting in general;

- Painting: painting on façades and internal environments; minor repairs to walls, doors and windows;

- Miscellaneous: assembly and dismantling of furniture for moving; changing of handles and hinges of cabinets, shelves and wardrobes; installation of TV stands; maintenance and special adjustments in wheelchairs and bicycles; replacement of glass and tiles; installation of curtains and blinds.

About Us.

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